Into the Woods | Archetype Collection
Into the Woods | Archetype Collection

Into the Woods | Archetype Collection

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INTO THE WOODS. Dark boughs of green pine and fir. Subtle hints of spiced citrus and ripe fruit. Creeping moss and ancient trees. Whether shrouded in mystery or magic, forests are some of the most beloved archetypes in literature and legend. Enchanted or forbidden, whimsical or even deadly, they are known for being havens of adventure and wonder, and dwelling places for any number of fantastical creatures and beings.

INSPIRATIONS: Mirkwood Forest, Forbidden Forest, Narnia, Sherwood Forest.

▸TOP - citrus, cinnamon, clove
▸MIDDLE - green pine, fir, patchouli
▸BASE - oakmoss, sandalwood, vanilla musk

Our candles are made with soy wax and cotton wicks, and handpoured in small batches in our little woodland cottage.

Being handmade lends them to a certain charm, so cosmetic imperfections like frosting and wet spots may be visible, and are naturally occurring in soy wax, but won’t affect the fragrance or burn quality of your candle.

Visit our Product Care page to learn more about proper candle care to get the most out of your experience.

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