Autumn Reading

Autumn Reading

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Tendrils of spiced steam unfurling from a hot mug of cider. The soft rustle of turning pages. Leaves swirling & flitting on a crisp autumn wind.

▸TOP - cider, apple, citrus
▸MIDDLE - pomegranate, nutmeg, ginger
▸BASE - red currant, cinnamon, teakwood

Our candles are made with soy wax and crackling wooden wicks, and handpoured in small batches in our little woodland cottage.

Being handmade lends them to a certain charm, so cosmetic imperfections like frosting and wet spots may be visible, and are naturally occurring in soy wax, but won’t affect the fragrance or burn quality of your candle.

Visit our Product Care page to learn more about proper candle care to get the most out of your experience.

Please note that candles ship separately from our other products.

Customer Reviews

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My whole house smells like apple

I love this scent! I’ve been burning it all week and I’m worried I’m going to burn it all before the month is over! The throw is fantastic and doesn’t give me a headache like many candles can. Burns super clean and even. I wish I had bought several. I even had a delivery person comment on how nice it was from the front porch!

Smells so good!

Quintessential ‘autumn’ scent. Love the lingering apple cider scent. Very pleasant and really gets us in the mood for the season.

April Phillips
Best Candle EVER!!

This is officially my favorite candle of all time, it smells like a REAL steaming cup of hot cider with undertones of cozy tea. Not the fake candy apple cider smell, I love it so much!!

Kammie McHugh
Very comforting

This is a lovely fall-based scent that i would absolutely burn year round when i need a pick-me-up. The apple and cider scents make for a very cozy atmosphere while the middle and base notes are what really makes the candle stand out as unique. The packaging and label make it a candle that i don't mind keeping out as decor and there is no need to place this in a candle holder. The shipping was fast and I would absolutely buy this again for myself or as a unique gift.

So festive

This candle makes me think of happy, sunny autumn days where I have lots of energy to go on a walk or putter around in the yard.