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Writer's Desk

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Before you is a blank page. A closed book. An unopened letter. Stories untold & words unwritten. You do not yet know what words are to come - and the potential makes your very soul stir. This collection embodies a love for writing, words, books, and atmosphere. It is an invitation to be drawn into stories, symbolism, and imagery.

WRITER'S DESK is a warm and sophisticated blend of earthy rain, woods, and mysterious black amber.

▸TOP - ozone, jasmine
▸MIDDLE - patchouli, leather
▸BASE - woods, amber, dark musk

Our candles are made with soy wax and wooden wicks, and handpoured in small batches in our little woodland cottage.

Being handmade lends them to a certain charm, so cosmetic imperfections like frosting and wet spots may be visible, and are naturally occurring in soy wax, but won’t affect the fragrance or burn quality of your candle.

Visit our Product Care page to learn more about proper candle care, wood wick care, and to get the most out of your experience.

Please note that candles ship separately from our other products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kristen Cabral
My FAVORITE candle!!

There is only one candle for my bedroom and it’s this one! I bought 3 jars to stock up and then placed another order for 2 more knowing it wouldn’t be enough! I’m obsessed! It’s a warm, deep kind of scent that’s very comforting.

Alexa Orduz
Like ink and leather, in the best way

Dark, amber scent with a beautiful rich throw.

Cristina Florencia
Amazing smell

Loved it! It’s my new favourite, for sure.

Kiraka Davis

Love the scent profile for this candle! Absolutely beautiful!

Warm magical, and inspiring

So far, this is my favorite of the candles that I own. I love the scent of the earth right after a rain, and usually the smell brings to mind a cool sensation. Somehow, however, this candle captures both the scent after a rain and warmth. It's magic in a candle.