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The Lonely Tower | Archetype Collection
The Lonely Tower | Archetype Collection

The Lonely Tower | Archetype Collection

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THE LONELY TOWER. A place of loneliness; a symbol of isolation. The tower may be the crumbling remnants of some destructive, parasitic power; or simply a sacred beacon so ancient that only a certain few know of its existence. It may be the prison for unfortunate victims lured there, or the tucked-away meeting place for those gathering crusaders with visions of change. Either way, it is the perfect shelter or lair for a Magician or Enchantress, who may use it for noble or evil purposes.

▸TOP - sea salt, ozone, lemon
▸MIDDLE - green leaves, orange blossom
▸BASE - tonka bean, oakmoss, sandalwood

▸TOP - sea salt, ozone
▸MIDDLE - jasmine, lily of the valley, green leaves
▸BASE - dark woods, tonka bean

Our candles are made with soy wax and cotton wicks, and handpoured in small batches in our little woodland cottage.

Being handmade lends them to a certain charm, so cosmetic imperfections like frosting and wet spots may be visible, and are naturally occurring in soy wax, but won’t affect the fragrance or burn quality of your candle.

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